About us

Welcome to Gribbid – a global trendsetter in field hockey grips! Our unique concepts, including progrip®, myprogrip®, clubgrip®, and fungrip®, are designed to provide a better grip and more fun on the field. Our slogan “better grip | more fun” has been at the heart of our mission from the start in 2012.

Gribbid was founded by a passionate hockey player from HC Bloemendaal with a wealth of experience on the field and a creative mind. Our brand was the first to offer 100% original ideas combined with the best chamois grip quality produced in Holland.

From the very beginning, Gribbid has been changing the game by producing and offering the world’s first white chamois hockey grip. We’ve transformed the looks of hockey fields worldwide by replacing the standard yellow chamois with our fun printed and white chamois hockey grips.

For over ten years, Gribbid chamois has been the number one hockey grip used by international players worldwide. But our grips are not limited to just international players – thousands of enthusiastic hockey players around the globe choose Gribbid every year for our trusted quality and great design from Holland.

Thank you for choosing Gribbid – we can’t wait to see what we can achieve together!