Why a hockey grip from gribbid?
GRIBBID hockey grips are made from the very best quality dutch chamois with the high-tec printing. This means that no other chamois grip on the market can match the comfort, safety and pleasure that gribbid® offers. The is why so many international top hockey players regularly wrap a new gribbid® around their stick. And they are picky because the top sport is about details. Toppers at every level therefore choose gribbid®.

How do I apply my gribbid® ?
The application of a gribbid® is very simple. First thoroughly wet your grip with cold tap water and squeeze it well. Start at the top of the stick. Then you wrap down. Do this tightly but gently and make a 2-4 mm overlap per round. Secure your grip at the bottom of the grip with the supplied piece of gribbid® tape or with the familiar linen hockey tape.

Which size of gribbid® should I choose?
One size fits all. Very simple! If your gribbid® is too long, you just cut a piece off.

How much time does it take to replace a grip?
The first time you will be at most ten minutes. But after a few times you will clear it in a few minutes.

How often should I replace my grip?
Top hockey players wrap a new chamois grip on their stick every week. Most recreational hockey players use an average of 2-4 grips per season.

Is my gribbid® wear-resistant and colourfast?
Depending on the intensity with which you play and how well you maintain your grip, it is normal that your gribbid® hockey grips wears. Especially the use of a hockey glove will speed this up.

My gribbid® is getting bit rough, how is that possible?
That is part of the natural characteristics of the chamois. The gribbid® hockey grip absorbs moisture. If your grip dries out, this grip will become little rough. The top layer then wears faster. For optimal playing comfort, you should therefore wet your grip with tap water. (see maintenance hockeygrip)

How should I use my gribbid®?
Good use extends the lifetime and gives more comfort.. Before the start of your game or training, wet your gribbid® with cold tap water. In warm weather or indoor, it is advisable to repeat this during breaks.

How do I maintain my gribbid®?
If your gribbid® chamois is very dirty, it is best to let it dry and then gently wipe it by hand and wet it again. Do never clean your gribbid® with soap or any other detergent, as a result of which the grip loses its properties. Never store away your stick near a heater, this is bad for your stick anyway but also dries-out the grip.